Chapter two

Hi everyone!  Welcome to my 1st blog on  Podabout.  We have a 2011 Rpod 171 and started doing some camping in 2017 that included Crabtree falls in Virginia, Falls lake in North Carolina and a big to trip to Acadia National park in Maine.
   Our plans for 2018 will begin with a short trip to White Lake in North Carolina, an long weekend to Helen Georgia area in May and then at least a month Trip to Utah, Colorado, Arizona and New Mexico.  May even head up to Tetons and Yellowstone on way home.

We went to Camp Clearwater campground at White lake for 3 nights.  My daughter was doing a triathlon and we helped watch the grand kids.   This is not my style of camping...  too many golf carts with music blaring and tight quarters.   I suppose for families there are a lot of things to keep busy, but I refer a more wilderness feel.